2019 general election: Facebook bans Tory advertising through BBC recordings

Facebook has removed the Conservative determination ads that use BBC News Records for violating the company’s intellectual property rights. The BBC said the material had been used out of shared context could damage the perception of our impartiality”. On Thursday, the Tories rejected the will of BBC lawyers to get rid of the 15-second video.

The BBC needs to complain to Facebook, which has now removed ads. In a statement, Facebook said:

We have removed this content after a claim of legitimate property from the rights holder, BBC. Every time we receive a legitimate IP claim on the content on the platform, in advertisements or elsewhere, we act in accordance with our policies and take action consistent with needs.” A BBC spokesman said: We welcome the choice. The Conservative Party said: All political parties use BBC content. We will ask the BBC whether for justice purposes they shall complain about the political parties. that use their content. Analysis put Facebook’s policy under scrutiny and increasing pressure. The decision to get rid of the Conservative ad was significant; . The BBC believes that the advertisement misleads viewers into thinking that news reporters support the Conservatives. Conservatives disagree.

Facebook was conscious of

the dispute on the night the ad felt running The decision to bring it down efficiently may be a black and white one and it’s quite easy for the social media giant to act without getting into the annoying business of judging what’s considered as false information.


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